Reset your G-mail account password

G-mail account password recover or reset
Many times happens that we forgot our E-mail I'd password in our mobile there is a way through which we can easily reset or recover G-mail account password.

By following simple steps we can change password if we doesn't remember the password.

1) open the Gmail in your mobile as shown in figure above
2) when you will open it will appear as shown below

3)now click on the left top corner when you will click on it then following options are show in this click on setting.

4) when you will click on setting it will shown as above and you have to login with email when you will login then following options will occur as show below.

5) then click on the the right top on it click on manage accounts as show in above image.

6) then click on google as shown above.
7) when you will click on google following options occour as above then click on sign-in & security then below options will come select password as show below

8) when you will click on it the options are available in which you have to click on more ways to sign in when you will click the   forgot password option will come click on it.

9)Then the four different options will come through which you can recover or change the password as shown below just click on try another way and from different ways you can change password.


10) just by clicking on try another way there will be different options available through which you can recover or reset G-mail account password.


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